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Thursday, January 31, 2019

There Is Something Going On In Queensland In The E-Health Space. What Do You Think About It?

This appeared today.

eHealth Queensland chief executive Richard Ashby resigns

Senior Queensland Health executive Richard Ashby, who led the eHealth Queensland division responsible for the integrated electronic medical record project, has resigned amid allegations of an undeclared personal relationship with a staff member and has been referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission.
Queensland Health staff received an email from the department's director-general Michael Walsh announcing Dr Ashby's resignation on Thursday.
In a statement, Mr Walsh said he "expect[s] all of Queensland Health’s 90,000 staff to meet the highest possible standards".
"This morning, I provided allegations to a senior eHealth Queensland executive about a potential undeclared conflict of interest regarding an alleged relationship with a staff member involved with the Patient Administration System replacement," Mr Walsh said.
"The allegations are not related to the rollout of the state’s digital hospital system – the integrated electronic medical record (ieMR) system.
"The information has been referred to the Crime and Corruption Commission who is investigating.
Vastly more here:
What is happening?
What more do you know…seems ugly!


Anonymous said...

Things just get better and better is the WFT ward. https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/flawed-privacy-in-queensland-health-s-electronic-medical-record-expert-says-20190131-p50uy5.html

Anonymous said...

@8:40 PM that is not good.

I also hear the last days of opt out have not been to smooth with long ques on the phones and people discovering they already have a record.