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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Yet More Evidence That The #myHealthRecord Is Not Much Use For Its Most Ballyhooed Use Case -Emergency Care

This press release appeared on Friday.

Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services
The Honourable Steven Miles

Friday, January 11, 2019

A new device for Queenslanders in a medical emergency

A new device will give paramedics greater access to a patient’s vital medical information in an emergency.
Minister for Ambulance Services Steven Miles said the SafeMate program, launched today by Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), SafeMate and Medibank, is a new digital system housing a patient’s medical and personal information that they themselves have entered online.
“This is crucial information that a patient wants the paramedic to know in a medical emergency,” Minister Miles said.
“Paramedics will use their operational iPads to tap the patient’s SafeMate card or device, and the medical information will appear on the screen.
"It eliminates the time it would normally take a paramedic to ask the patient a range of questions in order to obtain their medical history and other pertinent details.”
Assistant Commissioner John Hammond said every second counts during a medical emergency.
“Having that information at our fingertips, particularly details on allergies and medical history, is crucial for our staff,” Assistant Commissioner Hammond said.
“Accurate and reliable information will enable paramedics to identify the best course of treatment earlier, which will go a long way towards improving patient outcomes.”
Medibank has partnered with SafeMate to pilot the system with customers living with chronic illness in Queensland as part of its chronic disease program, CareComplete.
Medibank Chief Strategy Officer Marc Miller said the health services company is using the innovative technology to help customers when they need it most.
“Every second counts when you’re in a medical emergency and SafeMate will help ambulance personnel give our customers the right care from the start,” said Mr Miller.
Chairman of SafeMate Australia John Azarias said SafeMate’s innovative digital system was designed by, with and for paramedics.
“It is intended to help reduce paramedic and patient stress, time-consuming hospital visits, and costs in the health system, as well as improving patient outcomes and ambulance efficiencies,” Mr Azarias said.
If you go to the link below there is a 5 min video that tells you all about the system.
Here is the corporate web-site. 


Basically you register – give SafeMate the details you want the paramedics to have – and carry a card with a QR code in your wallet / purse – the paramedics know to look for the card – scan it to get instant info.
So much for logging into the myHR in an emergency on the off chance there is some useful information among the various documents held there and you have the time to find it! The increasing obsolescence of the myHR is highlighted by this sort of privacy protective initiative. And it doesn’t cost 10s of millions of dollars either!
This approach avoids all the opt-out nonsense and other issues as it is totally voluntary etc.
Also it seems the Qld Govt. does not have much faith in the myHR. Worth following to see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

On the surface seems a good solution for the given issue and does take the medi-bracket idea to a new state. The world has left MyHR behind, it is unable to keep pace with the expectation of our relationship with information and information accessibility.

My only quibble is with the name “safemates”. This one is clearly the marketing sectors version of a dad joke.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could all chip in and have this reproduced in honor of the MyHR team?