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Friday, January 18, 2019

This Has To Be At Least Some Small Progress With Real Time Prescription Monitoring!

This appeared last week:

SafeScript issues alerts for 3300 patients in two months

Victoria prepares to roll out the real-time script-tracking software statewide in April
7th January 2019
Warnings about almost 3300 patients were sent to doctors and pharmacists during the first two-month trial of Victoria’s real-time script-tracking software, the state government says.
The software, called SafeScript, was rolled out in more than 400 GP clinics and pharmacies in October to combat prescription drug misuse.
When users prescribe or dispense a monitored medicine, including all schedule 8 drugs and some schedule 4 drugs, the system alerts them if the patient has previously been prescribed a monitored drug from a different doctor.
They can then check a full list of monitored medicines prescribed to the patient.
Victoria's Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos says the number of alerts shows that SafeScript is “saving lives”.
“We said SafeScript would save lives and that’s exactly what this cutting-edge program is doing."
The initial rollout is across the Western Victoria Primary Health Network area, covering locations such as Geelong, Ballarat and Warrnambool.
More here:
There is also coverage here:

The 3,300: SafeScript helping already

SafeScript is already saving lives, says the Victorian Government, while the Victorian Guild calls for urgent action in other jurisdictions

SafeScript, Victoria’s real-time monitoring system, went live in Western Victoria at the start of October and is set to be rolled out across the State in April next year.
In its first two months, SafeScript has alerted doctors and pharmacists in Western Victoria to almost 3,300 patients at risk of harm or overdose from visiting multiple clinics or pharmacies.
In 2017, 414 Victorian lives were lost due to prescription medicine overdoses.
The state Government highlights that SafeScript addresses doctor shopping by ensuring health professionals have real time information about their patients’ prescription history of monitored medicines.
More than 400 sites across the Western Victoria Primary Health Network catchment are part of SafeScript’s inaugural rollout, at locations including Ararat, Ballarat, Geelong, Maryborough, Stawell, Warrnambool and many more.
SafeScript is monitoring all Schedule 8 medicines such as morphine and oxycodone, and other medicines such as codeine and diazepam.
“We said SafeScript would save lives and that’s exactly what this cutting-edge program is doing,” says Minister for Health Jenny Mikakos. Prescription drug dependency can happen to anyone and the consequences can be tragic.
“Now, health professionals can access real-time information about a patient’s prescription history – and discuss with them the risks of using dangerous amounts of prescription medication.”
More here:
This has to be seen as good news. So we know it works so where is the rest of the roll-out?
I suppose there is some Conservative opposition from the far right suggesting we are creating too much of a nanny state to just getting on with it!

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Trevor3130 said...

This is an excellent story, one fit for a podcast. All the elements are present, the technical (how much; why Canberra can't do it), personal (interviews with grateful parents, etc) and professional (pharmacists, medicos). Best to conclude with the caution that effectiveness won't be known for at least 12 months. You'd hate to come back then and find that of the hundreds of individuals who have been detected, 100 have gone on to heroin and only two have been in pharmacotherapy. Data would have to include private (scripts) and MBS, and sales of oxycodone.