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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The ABC News is Reporting New Overall Health Policy To Be Announced Tomorrow.

Apparently we are to know lots more tomorrow.

I look forward to clarity I must say! I wonder will e-Health get a major mention?

The announcement will be live on Sky News at 12:30pm I am told.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing to this most informative summary. A great deal of progress has been made to resolve a very complex issue. Sadly however, there are still far too many issues of concern regarding design, planning, and confidentiality around the use of these Health Identifiers which must be resolved absolutely before the Bill is passed.

The work done will not be wasted if concerted action is taken now to address the major shortcomings prior to representing the Bill again in, say, 12 months time.

Hopefully the Senate Committee will appreciate how important it is for the nation to get this right. The rejection of this Bill by the Senate is the only protective barrier available to the people to ensure the planners and the bureaucrats get all the issues fixed before, I repeat before, the bill is passed. Once passed, it will be open slather to all comers and it will be too late to fix the Bill’s shortcomings.

Peter West said...

I saw Peter Dutton interviewed by ABC News about the impending announcement. According to Dutton, the PM only booked the National Press Club yesterday! Policy announcements on the run.

Incidentally, Peter Dutton, who has been invisible for the past few months, was in good form this morning.

Anonymous said...

T. Hannan. The PM report on the national health system remains an administrative, bureacratic focussed speech. e-Health is mentioned but soultions are not defined as to HOW.