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Thursday, March 11, 2010

NEHTA Blasted by the Australian Medical Software Industry Association At Senate Enquiry.

The following appeared late yesterday.

NEHTA 'ignored' global standards, claims medical software expert

  • Karen Dearne
  • From: Australian IT
  • March 11, 2010 7:00PM

MEDICAL software-makers say the National E-Health Transition Authority has ignored international standards for implementation of the Healthcare Identifier service, under which Medicare will assign unique identifiers to all Australians for health record-keeping purposes.

Dr Vince McCauley, immediate past president of the Medical Software Industry Association, says NEHTA has "implemented basic web standards but the higher level application standards that are available internationally have not been implemented".

"There are particular standards applicable to healthcare identifiers both in terms of their structure and how they are allocated and accessed," he told a Senate inquiry into the federal government's Healthcare Identifiers Bill.

"NEHTA has, to a point, used the international standards for the structure of the identifiers, and where that is not entirely the case we (MSIA) have through negotiation been able to reach a point where they are compatible.

"However they have chosen to ignore the international standards for implementation of the service. They have basically made that up."

Dr McCauley said the industry was only provided with "a basic list of functions to be implemented" a week ago, and had not yet reviewed the list in any detail.

But non-compliance with international standards has enormous ramifications for software developers, locally and overseas.

Lots more here:


There is really only one question here. Just why does NEHTA think it is above the views of the rest of the world and want to impose additional costs on our struggling Health IT software industry.

Peter Fleming needs to fix this tomorrow or we will all know just how much NEHTA cares about the e-Health industry in Australia.

Of course that the MSIA members have so little information on the technical specifications for the HI Service is possibly, if that is possible, an even more stupid bit of nonsense. These guys are truly clueless about how the real world works

Over to you Peter! Just sort it out NOW!


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