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Monday, March 08, 2010

NEHTA Promises the Future - We Will See If They Deliver Quite Soon Now!

It seems NEHTA is well and truly into the propaganda channel it has been pushing lately, based on the spin plan most of us have now seen.

This will be all you need to see to realise just how oversold this is all being in the short or even medium term. Pity some more basic and important issues can’t get addressed first. The systems that will use all this information are yet to be modified and I hear NEHTA is being very slow in providing the information needed by the software providers.

See for yourself.

Anyone who thinks this is all going to happen before 2013 is dreaming I reckon and with Medicare Australia’s implementation and planning skills – probably never. We need to walk before we run, and painting this sort of prospective Utopia does not set expectations at a reasonable level I believe.

The Senate Enquiry tomorrow has one role as far as I am concerned. That is to have Medicare Australia / NEHTA actually demonstrate they actually know what they are doing with a project of this scale. Thus far the evidence is pretty scant. Medicare Australia’s implementation record in the sector is pretty spotty and NEHTA has not been seen to deliver any significant project (except possibly SNOMED CT) in the last 5 years that I can detect.


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Anonymous said...

oops - i didn't notice anyone at anytime ask Charlie if it was OK to pass his private information on to another health care provider....they just told him they had sent it after the event. Had he signed something already to say that was OK perhaps when he received his identifier?