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Thursday, March 25, 2010

AusHealthIT Blog To Be Preserved by the National Library of Australia!

I have been told that the National Library have selected this blog as one (of many) the nation should keep, and that it will be archived for posterity!

To this end I have agreed they can capture all the material and make it available on their site.

This site can be found here:


I don’t know how quickly this will happen but it seems like a nice idea to have all the various views, that we have seen on the blog, on Health IT and related matters being preserved.

If this archiving concerns you please get in touch.



Anonymous said...

congrats - you are a national treasure!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant news!

Anonymous said...

It is good news. The content is invaluable and well worth preserving for future reference. From a self interested perspective it means I don't have to download blogs of relevance to my work for fear they might disappear if you decide one day to close up shop.