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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Couple of Interesting White Papers from CSC’s Healthcare Group.

The following appeared a few days ago.


Technology Cornerstones Supporting Tomorrow's Healthcare


Michael Garzone, Fran Turisco, Jared Rhoads


New technologies are helping to deliver critical health information to authorized end users regardless of time, place or device. These technologies are broadening the reach of health information across care settings as they improve data access and data interoperability, enable personalized interactions, and provide ubiquitous computing. Care communities, patients, care givers and consumers need to develop a vision of how care delivery practices and processes should fit together, which data are shared and how, and which are the most suitable supporting infrastructure technologies. In this paper, we discuss the technology cornerstones that support the healthcare system of tomorrow. We identify the cornerstones and discuss what new technologies are available to fill those needs.

Download "Technology Cornerstones Supporting Tomorrow's Healthcare"

Contact Details are here:


This paper was published in February, 2010 and builds on this paper from late last year.


Tomorrow's Healthcare System Using Today's Technology


Fran Turisco, Erica Drazen


Tomorrow's healthcare system can be achieved with today's technologies. Patient-Centric care, directed by a team of professional care givers and family members, supported by commonly-used IT technologies and integrated medical devices, improves medication, care plan and health goals adherence and allows patients to remain independent longer. By removing the current barriers of health reforms and reimbursement issues, and lack of widespread connectivity and EHR adoption, this paper allows the reader to imagine a truly efficient and effective healthcare system from the perspectives of a patient, nurse, physician and care mentor/coach.

The proliferation of today's communication and Internet-based technologies, plug-and-play medical devices for the home, and a growing number of health and wellness applications provide the infrastructure to bring tomorrow's healthcare system within reach.

Download "Tomorrow's Healthcare System Using Today's Technology"

Again the contact information is here:


Both are worth a download and read. The vision of what is more than possible today is great fun.


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