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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Talk About a Waste of A Bit Over an Hour!

Well, we have had the Great Health Debate.

The most interesting thing was the worm and the complete lack of genuine clarity, from both sides, as to what was planned.

There seems to be agreement as to the need for more local management of hospitals, but how this fits with and integrates with primary care, aged care and so on - no joy!

Neither side explained how they were actually going to fix the 'Blame Game' in a credible way.

The whole 75 minutes was an 'e-Health Free Zone'.

I hope we get another chance at this when both sides have their complete health plans out. What we had today was great theatre but no real substance.

The ability of these guys to simply just not answer a straightforward question just beggars belief!



Anonymous said...

A race to the bottom in terms of reasonable argument. It was much better with the sound turned off. But what is to be done?

Anonymous said...

David, if you are willing to waste another hour and a half I suggest that you roll up to the AIIA breakfast session on Tuesday 30 March to listen to Lisa Smith, General Manager NEHTA, who "will provide an overview of the major projects, their progress and expected implementation framework over the next twelve months. In particular, she will focus on the outlook for Shared Electronic Health Records. Lisa will also give information on jurisdiction, implementation issues and pending opportunities.

Our discussion will be based around what companies need to do to ensure their business is ready to take advantage of NEHTA developments and wider industry initiatives."

Sound like fun?