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Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bit of a Landmark Passed. 250,000 Page Views!

The following are the statistics for the blog so far – since March 2006.

Thanks to everyone who has made this happen!

Australian Health Information Technology


Total 147,354

Average Per Day 247

Average Visit Length 3:12 mins

Last Hour 12

Today 257

This Week 1,730


Total 250,099

Average Per Day 432

Average Per Visit 1.7

Last Hour 26

Today 578

This Week3,027

I reckon a quarter of a million page views is starting to be useful!

What is needed now is content that is richer than I can provide alone. Thus those who know what they are talking about (including NEHTA but excluding the PR Department) are encouraged to see if they want a guest slot to have their say. You will reach a reasonable audience if you do, and I want to foster open debate and discussion!

Think about it!


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