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Sunday, December 21, 2014

I Would Award The Hon. Peter Dutton M.P. An F- For His Performance In E-Health!

The story:

He gets into office as Health Minister - kicks off a six week review of the PCEHR - releases it 6 months later and is yet to actually to provide a Government response 8 months later!

In passing leaves industry and Standards setting out in the cold and fails to properly evaluate what has been delivered for the $1.0 Billion or so!

F- is generous - but as low as the scale goes.

As for the co-payment debacle - his change of job says it all!

God help all those poor asylum seekers and refugees.

Here is a profile of the new Health Minister:




Paul Taylor said...

I am interested to know how right-wing Peter Dutton is. Is he a hard-rightist or is there a modicum of humanity about him?

Anonymous said...

No, 'F' is correct. In fact its F-35, as in the model of the new 12 Billion Dollar collection of fighter planes we must now have. He knows his priorities...