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Sunday, November 11, 2018

AusHealthIT Poll Number 448 – Results – 11th November, 2018.

Here are the results of the poll.

How Do You Rate The Quality And Value Of The ADHA's Recent Digital Health Evidence Review?

Excellent 0% (0)

OK 1% (1)

Pretty Amateurish 29% (42)

Hopeless 11% (16)

Useless Propaganda 59% (86)

I Have No Idea 0% (0)

Total votes: 145

Seems the ADHA are not very good at assembling a credible case for the myHR plans – only 1/145 thinking it was OK or better!

Any insights on the poll welcome as a comment, as usual.

A really, great turnout of votes!

It must have been a very easy question as 0/145 readers were not sure what the appropriate answer was.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

Simply don’t know what it could used for. Perhaps it is the title. It’s not evidence that can be used to inform better policy or the market to build solutions from. It is more akin to a product placement article in an airline magazine.

Anonymous said...

In fairness it could be used by advocates in those countries named and shamed for having poor consumer privacy protections and patient rights. After all they can now point to Australia as the benchmarks. They will all now need to ensure military grade security and rights to control and even delete medical records. As soon as the GovHR is hacked Timmy’s evidence of utopia may prove to be the last nail in the coffin for this outdated approach to government command and control.