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Monday, November 26, 2018

The House Of Reps Has Approved The Updated #myHealthRecord Legislation.

See here:

My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018

Originating house
House of Representatives
Passed Both Houses


Amends the My Health Records Act 2012 to: remove the ability of the My Health Record System Operator to disclose health information in My Health Records to law enforcement and government agencies without an order by a judicial officer or the healthcare recipient’s consent; and require the system operator to permanently delete from the National Repositories Service any health information about a healthcare recipient who has cancelled their My Health Record.
Progress of bill
For committee reference information, please see the Notes section at the end of this page.
House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 22/08/18  
Second reading moved 22/08/18  
Second reading debate 17/09/18  
Second reading debate 18/09/18  
Second reading debate 19/09/18  
Second reading agreed to 19/09/18  
Third reading agreed to 19/09/18  
Introduced and read a first time 19/09/18  
Second reading moved 19/09/18  
Second reading debate 14/11/18  
Second reading agreed to 14/11/18  
Committee of the Whole debate 14/11/18 Amendment details: 2 Pauline Hanson's One Nation agreed to
Committee of the Whole debate 15/11/18 Amendment details: 8 Government (2 as amended by 5 Opposition) and 1 Australian Greens agreed to
Third reading agreed to 15/11/18  
House of Representatives
Consideration of Senate message 26/11/18 Details: House agreed to Senate amendments
Finally passed both Houses 26/11/18

Here is the link:


Precise details will be in Hansard.



Anonymous said...

Oh dear Timmy, your puppet masters will not be happy with him. Still always good to toddle off on a high note and I am sure Bettina will be more than happy to drive you to the bus station.

In reality though I am not sure who has come out better off? The utility of the system as a clinical tool is all but gone, as a population health tool it adds nothing, as a consumer tool it is drab and cannot compete. Give me a clinical cloud solution and an app for my phone thanks.

Anonymous said...

If you think this will get in the way of Tim Kelsey think again, and while you are thinking perhaps you can ask him to explain this scheduled meeting:

Private Health Insurers and Agency roundtable scheduled for Wednesday 5th December.

The key driver of this workshop is to discuss future opportunities and potential collaboration between the Private Health Insurance sector and the Australian Digital Health Agency in the delivery of the National Digital Health Strategy,2018-22.
The ultimate purpose of the meeting is for both the Private Health Insurance sector and the Agency to discuss and gain a better understanding of each sector’s key strategic priorities and activities and build a platform for ongoing engagement to deliver on expectations and to foster innovation.

Anonymous said...

Looks on the surface the ADHA is exploring ways to safely, securely and secretly sell your data for favours. Just ADHA turning tricks.

Anonymous said...

Simple way to resolve any problems would be to publish the agenda, attendees, transcripts, and as they are “digital” stream it live on the web. If they are open and transparent then we can only judge by what we see and hear.