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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Senate Has Apparently Voted To Extend The Opt Out Period.

Hansard is yet to appear.

Here is what we have so far. From yesterday’s Dynamic Red for Nov 12. 2018

General business
1167—Senators Di Natale and Watt—My Health Record
Commenced 3:51 PM
Agreed to (Senate divided: Ayes 35; Noes 22)

Details are to come.

Here is an early report.

There are just days left to opt out of My Health Record - but there's another push to extend the deadline again

  • The Senate today demanded an extension to the opt out date for My Health Record.
  • Australians have until Thursday this week to say they don’t want a digital health record.
  • But the Senate today says this should be extended until promised privacy protections have been put in place.

 Here is the link:



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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Federal Government will take this oppertunity to pull out completely from being an IT provider and do something far more valuable - conformance and compliance to standards and legislation.