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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Minister Greg Hunt Has Confirmed New #myHealthRecord Opt-Out Period End Date 31 January 2019

A win for many I believe!

What a magnificent backdown from a doomed and pretty tin-eared minister!



Anonymous said...

a backdown seems to be the new shirtfront. A positive step forward though and hopefully a new team will emerge to unravel this mess.

Anonymous said...

David, your whisky glass must be half empty. Mine is half full. A win for the Minister I believe.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Six months ago Minister Hunt said all was wonderful and no changes were needed. Just look how far he has moved to see how he has failed to understand what is going on and has been badly advised by the ADHA.

Comprehensive loss is my assessment.


Anonymous said...

You might claim your whiskey glass is half full, but I bet if you take a sip, you find you have been poured cold tea with some gin in it.