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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Opt-Out Period has Been Extended For #myHealthRecord To January 31, 2019

The full Senate has endorsed a Motion from Senator Hansen for the approx 10 week extension.

Will provide time for further discussion etc.



Anonymous said...

Christmas is coming. The public will have little or no interest in whether they should or shouldn't have a My Health Record. They will be fully focussed on Christmas parties and the holidays ahead.

The end result is simply a few weeks deferral of the end of the Opt-Out period. So in effect the Senators have given the thumbs up and the My Health Record opt-out will be a fait accompli on 1 February 2019.

In effect, today's Senate vote does nothing to address the deep-seated deficiencies in the My Health Record.

Anonymous said...

So January 31, 2019 the Opt out period ends. Tim Kelsey will have then done his job. The Government will have a national My Health Record to play with. Labor will have been neutralised.

Anonymous said...

What will happen between now and the amended Amendment passing the House and becoming law though? ADHA can only act in regards to existing legislation.

Minister Hunt needs to submit the required paperwork (under the MHR Rules) to extend opt-out to Jan 31 right now or we're going to have an even more ridiculously confused situation on our hands

Dr Ian Colclough said...

The holiday season is fast approaching. Extending opt-out to 31 January will achieve nothing. People are planning their holidays and preparing for the Christmas festivities They will have no interest in thinking about the My Health Record; more so now than ever before thanks to all the prevailing confusion. This deferment will not address the MHRs deep seated technology and procedural issues. So, in effect the Senate's decision really achieves nothing. A 12 month deferment would have provided an opportunity to work through the issues; perhaps.