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Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Lot Of People Have Put A Lot Of Thinking Into Consideration Of The Risks And Benefits Of The myHR.

It has been an interesting week to watch various community and lobby groups come out with the pros and cons of opting out from the myHR.
We have had everyone from the Scarlet Alliance (with a carefully thought out paper):
To Crikey weighing in:
And a lot in between.
Among the interesting ones have been:
ABC Radio:
Nine News:
Local Aged Services Australia:
HHG Legal:
(Pointing out that one information escapes of leaks you can’t get it back!)
Mental Health Co-op Of WA:
The Courier Mail.
Hepatitis NSW
(Here is their list of those who should think hard about opting out.
Some people may find their My Health Record places them at risk of stigma and discrimination or may cause safety issues.
You may wish to carefully consider whether you want your health records held or shared if you:
  • have a criminal record or are affected by the criminal justice system
  • use or have used drugs
  • live with a lifelong transmissible condition such as HIV or hepatitis B
  • have or had hepatitis C
  • are not on treatment after it was recommended
  • are sexually active and test regularly for STIs
  • are or have been a sex worker
  • are transgender or intersex
  • are bisexual, lesbian or gay
  • have lived with mental health issues
  • have been pregnant or terminated a pregnancy
  • are a health care worker.”
Virgin Australia Pilots Association:
If you have even the least concern I reckon these pages from the Privacy Foundation are worth a careful read before you decide.


Anonymous said...

Again clear evidence that the ADHA leadership is out of touch. The campaign of staged events, paid advocacy, shallow claims and the repetitive flogging of a fax machine have sadly taken us down a costly path that will be decades in repairing unless someone gets a spine and stops this train

Anonymous said...

Australian Digital Health Agency chief Tim Kelsey said claims that every Australian would have a My Health Re- cord that revealed sensitive medical information were wrong and amounted to “dangerous fearmongering”.
“An individual can control the information in their My Health Record,” he said.
“Individuals may set controld on their entire record ... a patient may also ask their healthcare provider not to up- load a document or to remove or replace a document.

So there you have it, everyone can stop the fearmongering and fake news the ADHA has publically recorded its position and the facts on this matter.

Albeit behind closed doors where no one is able to put the CEO to the test.

Dr Ian Colclough said...

It seems abundantly clear to me that only an independent 3rd party can put such claims and counter claims to rest.

To my mind that means the Auditor General should be instructed, by Parliament or the Health Minister, or, given the political consequences that have led to this most troubling situation, the Prime Minister.

To do nothing is unacceptable after spending $2 billion of taxpayers' money.

Anonymous said...

I do not disagree Ian but will an independent review put a pause on this? Going on previous ‘independent reviews’ has anything changed?

Anonymous said...

politics and embarrassment will kill this.

Dr Ian Colclough said...

@3:52PM Anon. Your point is valid. Mainstream media, like the ABC, have an important role to play in identifying the truth and exposing the misinformation being promulgated and factually notwithstanding the hugely complex issues in play. I don't expect an Audit by the A-G will do anything more than expose the deceipt and incomperence which has underpinned this $2 billion scandal.