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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Another Big Reason To Consider Opting Out While You Can.

On the Drum last night a Panel Member (Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Melbourne Uni. I believe) made the point that those who sign up today are at risk of rule changes in the future.

An example might be, for example, five years from now, it may be decided by Government that employers can have access to myHR records. Or is may be decided that insurance companies can access myHR data. Make up other undesirable scenarios for yourself....

Given that once the data is in the myHR it can't be deleted, the only way you can protect yourself from this sort of regulation change in the future it to opt-out.

Think about it.



Anonymous said...


The argument that people already share huge amounts of personal inform is a symptom of a misplaced trust that those proving communication tools where looking after their customers, we now are beginning to understand they are marketing companies that are leeching the very soul of humanity for profit.

Anonymous said...

The clearest example of possible MHR rule change has, of course, already happened. When not enough people signed up for the government’s purposes, they amended the My Health Records Act 2012 by the Health Legislation Amendment (eHealth) Act 2015 removing the requirement for people to give their express consent - changing the protective opt-in system to the predatory opt-out system we now have.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Very much worth listening to (It sounds as though the guy is a reader of this blog. If he isn't he's come to the same conclusions as most of us have):

Government accused of not doing enough to persuade people to remain on My Health Report

Paul Shetler
Partner, Digital Agency Accelerate HQ; Former Head, Government's Digital Transformation Office


Anonymous said...

An interest set of observation by the ex CEO of the Digital Transformation Agency. There is also an interesting insight into the ADHA actually knowing usage is minimal.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bernard, the gentleman’s background places him well to support what he is saying. What the ADHA needed as a head not the one we ended up with

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

I have worked in Canberra on and off since since 1991 at various levels up to and including advising Ministers and the head of the Defence forces. A certain CEO has broken one of the unwritten rules in politics - he has embarrassed his minister.

Anything could happen now and I wouldn't be at all surprised by it. With Bernard Keene's article today in Crikey, the gloves are off.

Anonymous said...

Quite agree Bernard, I think perhaps this public letter to news Corp is not well thought through at best. Definitely not what I expected to come from an area under Minister Hunt, especially not a program of this significance.


Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Then there's this one


in which Tim claims:

"My Health Record is only accessible to authorised clinical users with valid registration" which is incorrect. One might also call it a lie.

Anonymous said...

Having the Priminister wade in the way he did does not look good. When the big boss has to turn up because you can’t manage a simple communication and adoption project must be painful for a once respected member of the cabinet.

What is now being exposed is that the GovHR has not been re-engineered to support the changes model from optin to optout. In two years the ADHA CEO could and should have achieved this.

This CEO sounds like a dangerous liability, he has done a good job flying around the country talking, always good to part on a high.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the GovHR has caught the attention of the unions. Wonder if that is in their communications strategy.


Anonymous said...

7:45 PM. I doubt the liberal national government will even acknowledge the ETU.. The ADHA will rightfully state, you have 3 months to opt out, this is a free country, we have a right to make our own choices.

Anonymous said...

10:25 AM July 19. I tend to agree, however I have made some incorrect assumptions to date
1. They would not have been so naive as to openly attack members of the free press
2. The security model was changed to support the shift to opt out
3. They understood the entire community and would explain in plain language the what is in it for me
4. That we would have a trusted, open and transparent organisation leading ehealth
5. The system operator actually understood the system

Trevor3130 said...

Claire Taylor, a leading light for the Nationals, reckoned on ABC TV 'Matter of Fact' last night that
“The security of a paper health record is no more secure than a digital one. Someone could break into a clinic in the CDB tomorrow and steal hundreds of thousands of medical health records there.”

Anonymous said...

I think one commentator sums it up perfectly - Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

Off to opt out, might open an international fax service to easily ship those records overseas

Anonymous said...

I have found the perfect getaway vehicle for that type of theft
Medical Records Getaway Vehicle

Its a little naive, the whole point is that paper records have security by weight.