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Friday, July 20, 2018

My Health Record Thought For Friday!


There is no price to opting out - and you can rejoin whenever you want, but there is a risk for doing nothing and getting stuck in it with the associated risks. 

Prudence would suggest you opt-out  for now!



Trevor3130 said...

That previous statement by the National's Claire Taylor is likely to stand as it is, and not be refuted by the proponents for MyHR, as it looks like the discussion is becoming polarised, not by rational or even reasonable, discussion but by partisan hyperbole.
Here's Norman Swan's (ABC) latest -
Gawd. This debate is becoming stupendously ridiculous. It’s the most important piece of health infrastructure in a generation and it’s been hijacked by the privacy ideologues. Everyone retains the right to choose. Get over it and stay in!! Can’t believe it.

In a reasonable setting, we may expect Swan to call on Taylor to take back the nonsense she spouted, and ask a "privacy ideologue" to explain why lifting millions of records is a snip when they are digitised & centralised. I expect that Swan will do nothing of the sort. Ignoring the fallacy just contributes further to the ignorance now surrounding MyHR.

Do your job, Norman.

Anonymous said...

Norman Swan’ Tonic company had been paid handsomely to market MHR, not sure he has an unbiased opinion.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Dr Swan is betting blasted on Twitter, including by many medical doctors.

Nay reference re the Tonic company claim?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

I have certainly just told him to stop being a bully!

"Norman, as a clinician and a Health IT expert (MB, PhD, FACHI) your view is naive and un-informed. There are many valid and sensible reasons to opt-out related to potential discrimination and security leaks etc. Stop attempting to bully people."


Anonymous said...



How much they were paid will be available through the ADHA website as government entities are mandated to publish all contracts over a certain value

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for that, explains a lot! I knew Swan got paid handsomely to speak at e-heath events or chair conference sessions... but, surely that's a clear breach of ethics in relation to his primary employer, the ABC

Seem to recall he (and couple other ABC presenters) were in bother a while back over their excessive paid spruiking...

After all, his reputation is based on his role and reputation as a trusted public broadcaster - yet his company is built on its business with the Health dept and possibly lobbyists?

Anonymous said...

This narrative from the Prime Minister raises a few questions:

Just how many people have chosen to opt out? 20k was not a remarkable number, wonder what the count is?

If numbers don’t matter, why go optout, the expense along could have built a new improved platform and you only have to migrate a small number of mostly friendly users?

All very odd

Malcolm Turnbull says mass withdrawals from Australia's electronic health records will not kill the system.
An online My Health Record will be set up for every Australian unless they opt out by October 15, with thousands withdrawing amid security concerns.
"It doesn't need to have a particular number of people in it," the prime minister told Tasmanian radio station LAFM on Friday.
Mr Turnbull said the system was secure, likening it to storing information digitally rather than in a filing cabinet within a doctor's surgery, but people were free to opt out.
"It is very much a matter for individuals," he said.
Almost six million people have signed up for the digital medical history over its six years of operation.

Anonymous said...

1.5 million health records hacked in Singapore
Accenture was chosen to build the PCEHR/MyHR because of their experience obtained in Singapore. Not sure its their system that got hacked but clearly the risks are there

Anonymous said...

I read this morning the prime minister is advocating the access to health records by insurance companies. Sadly the erosion of rights and the scope creep has begun. The same prime minister that said no need for royal commission into banking. The same banks that would use health records accessed via their insurance branches. We get this headline this morning - ANZ's 'disgraceful' grilling of female employee over rape

Perhaps a pause is in order, optout can be said to have tested the appetite for a national health record database and provided insights into where more controls and policies are needed to ensure our citizens are protected

Anonymous said...

Funny that we have to have a plebiscite if 2 people who love each other want to get married, but collect, manage and share personal health records...don't need to ask anyone.

Anonymous said...

A single source of data said to be potentially unreliable and insecure? It's courting failure, especially with the terrible optics.