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Monday, July 16, 2018

The Opt-Out Period Seems To Be Starting Pretty Badly.

Nothing fully verified but:

1. Phone calls to opt-out line are taking a long time to be answered if you can get on at all. Waits if 1.5 hours are being widely reported

2. The myGov portal seems to be up and down.

3. Some people are discovering a myHR they never knew they had, and finding some of the contents in error. I guess this is the legacy of those sign-up teams that hid in hospital foyers.

I also note this is trending on Twitter:

And so it goes on and on, on Twitter. Seems like a bit of a mess so far.



Anonymous said...

Opt out process failed online. Had to phone. Had to have my process escalated to a senior team member to 'fix it'. Spent nearly 2 hours on hold on the phone then the line went dead... . So much for an e health system... sucky

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for my email from ADHA. I have one from when I registered to optout a few months ago stating I would receive an update once optout started

Anonymous said...

I managed to optout, simple process everyone should have a go

Anonymous said...

If the portal is crashing and the call centre question are not working properly, you could always ask the IT Director at ADHA when it will be fixed I am sure their teams are working 9-5 to fix it. Most government emails are firstname.lastname@domain.gov.au

It is hit and miss opting out, maybe just high volume

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the twitter posting where it seem on the Jon Faine radio show, one of the producers is trying the MyHR website to test optout and the site is broken. You can’t buy bad luck like that. Wonder if the Minister will be having one of his famous rage attacks?

Anonymous said...

will they release stats re number of opt-outs on day 1?

Anonymous said...

Despite my reservations that it would work - I was successfully able to opt-out this afternoon without any trouble via the website.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

Two things stand out to me at the end of day one of opt-out:

1. The number of people who wanted to opt-out as fast as possible and were willing to wait a considerable time to get through to an obviously overloaded system.

2. The number of people who tried to opt-out only to discover they already had one. I wonder is anyone will be held responsible. What it might mean is that there will be three types of record. 1. Those that were created with explicit consent. 2. Those that were created with no consent 3. those created as part of the opt-out process with assumed/standing consent. A bit of a legal mess?

The government must be hoping the fuss dies down quickly and that it's just a spike.

Anonymous said...

Digesting all the online blogs, twits and news articles the focus on privacy and security is important but one note is being dismissed through ‘conspiracy theory’. What no one is really asking is , what is the problem the MyHR is solving? What are the problems the system is introducing? And when will the system make no difference what so ever?

Anonymous said...

Someone is putting bots to work. #MyHealthRecord. I spotted some of this yesterday, hopefully it’s the russians and not a tax payer funded Comms team.

Anonymous said...

Bernard if the ABC are correct then taken from the ABC news site

About 20,000 opted out of Australia's electronic health record system on the first day of a three month opt-out window despite website glitches.
Almost six million people have signed up for a My Health Record - a digital medical history - over its six years of operations.

But there are fresh concerns of possible cyber-security threats and privacy breaches.

When many people tried to opt out on Monday, the website presented them with errors instead.

"There was a glitch yesterday I understand, but it's been resolved I've been assured, and about 20,000 people did opt out online yesterday," Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told 3AW radio in Melbourne on Tuesday.