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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Breaking News - AMA President Refuses To Insist On Proper Privacy Controls On myHR Data!

At the National Press Club, despite being asked repeatedly, he refused to say he would withdraw AMA support of the myHR roll out unless the Section 70 issues were addressed.

Said he would talk with Minister Hunt and ask him to sort it out.

He also said that the AMA was speaking out because the ADHA was making such a hash of what he thought was a wonderful initiative that he thought was vital. (i.e. the ADHA Communication Strategy was a flop), He did not mention the AMA MOU from around Budget time that bound the AMA to support the myHR in exchange for an increased Medicare Rebate.

To me was a very inglorious and obfuscatory performance. It will be fun to see how the assembled press report the speech.



Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

See this gob-smacking official AMA tweet:


"You might think I’m the frontman for the Government’s #MyHealthRecord campaign because they’ve done it so poorly. We have filled the gap. We want this to work. We don’t want a decade of preparation down the drain."

What gap?

Anonymous said...

Strange the ADHA did not retweet that one, Tim was also selective, noting a visit to Perth, wonder if another cunning plan is being hatched with HealthEngine

Anonymous said...

Well it is only fair the CEO is hiding in Perth, tucked away out of harms reach. Stuffed this up big time. Lost several executives, obviously the ADHA has failed to be a single unified organisation free of intimidation and bullying. Over all pretty poor for someone we have handed more the a million dollars in wages.
A wasted oppertunity and loss of momentum.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hunt insists that even though the laws allow police to access people's data without a warrant, it hasn't actually happened because the Digital Health Agency's policies override the law.
"The only people who can access your health record are those who have a link to you as a treating clinician or medical doctor, or other medical person," Mr Hunt told ABC radio.
"There will not be any document ever released without a court order.
"So that will remain the position, I think, forever."

Well Minister have the act amended, put into law records cannot be accessed without a court order, make it an offence to gain authorised access through cohesion, make it an offence for inderviduals or organisation to require access to health records for insurance or other purposes.

Maybe just leave it option and any records not accessed by the owner for 18 months gets deleted

If policy and gentleman’s handshakes are all good then legislation will be a breeze, that is what governments are for.

Anonymous said...

The Parlimentary Service does a nice job explaining the mess Kelsey and his COO have put us in - https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/Parliamentary_Departments/Parliamentary_Library/FlagPost/2018/July/Law_enforcement_access_MHR_data

To move forward I think the Senior Executive and CEO COO need to make way for better equiped leaders

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that to move forward with eHealth a different set of people with different skills will be required. The current team paid not interest in addressing privacy, clinical of technical challenges. They gave it a fair go, however they caused a lot of damage that will take a more steady hand to recover from.

Anonymous said...


Not an isolated event.

Anonymous said...

And now we have this - https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/jul/25/my-health-record-website-wont-let-blind-users-opt-out

The ADHA is beyond incompetence.

Anonymous said...

I trust the AMA will stand firm and not be pushed around by failed private sector bullies masquerading as Government employees.

As for the so called consumer health forum

Consumers Health Forum chief Leanne Wells said every household should be sent an outline of the pros and cons of the controversial record which will be foisted upon every Aus- tralian who does not specifi- cally opt out by October 15.

Is their driver the concerns of health consumers or are they just after more money to do ‘stuff’

Anonymous said...

The Queensland Police Union told Guardian Australia it has “legal advice that there is nothing in the legislation that requires any enforcement body to obtain a warrant to access My Health Record”.

The union has written to its members informing them that any investigation of a criminal offence or seriously improper conduct are “legitimate grounds for investigators to access your My Health Record”.

It said that investigators of police disciplinary matters and disciplinary bodies “will be able to access your My Health Record as a matter of course without warrant, without your knowledge or without even your permission or consent”.

The union suggested that investigators could access police members’ records for “a minor disciplinary matter” and, even if they are cleared, the records could lead to a “section 8.3 proceeding” on the grounds the officer is physically or mentally unfit.

If it can be used, it will be used