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Thursday, July 05, 2018

If You Want To Opt-Out Of The myHR But Have An On-Line Health Record You Control Look No Further!

This appeared a week of so back.

CareMonkey ranked first amongst Australian healthcare start-ups for online medical records

  • 18 June 2018
CareMonkey named number one Australian medical and healthcare start-up in top 10 report released by medicalstartups.org.
CareMonkey – the world’s fastest growing cloud platform for online medical records, forms and excursion management – ranked first in medicalstartups.org’s top 10 list of Australia’s best medical and healthcare start-ups.
The report, titled Top 10 medical and healthcare startups in Australia, cited CareMonkey’s ability to provide “instant access to emergency and medical data for authorised carers on mobile devices” as a unique and vital product capability.
“The multi-award winning CareMonkey system [is] a health, safety and productivity solution for families, schools, clubs, businesses, community service organisations and other groups with a duty-of-care,” stated the report.
CareMonkey Cofounder and CEO, Troy Westley, said that being able to access important medical information and care instructions for students, community members or clients was critical for any organisation with a duty-of-care.

“In a medical emergency, there’s no time to fumble through reams of paper to determine the right course of action,” said Westley.  
“With CareMonkey, users can immediately access online medical records from for their mobile device – even when offline. That way, anyone with permission to access those records can instantly know what to do, and who to call, in an emergency. CareMonkey is the only solution of its kind that enables offline mobile access, and it’s why thousands of organisations worldwide choose CareMonkey.
“Being recognised as Australia’s top solution amongst medical and healthcare start-ups by medicalstartups.org highlights market demand for CareMonkey’s approach to making online medical records securely accessible – whenever and wherever they’re needed.”
To learn more about how CareMonkey delivers student medical records to schools and other organisations with a duty-of-care, go here: https://www.caremonkey.com/student-medical-records/
About CareMonkey
CareMonkey is an online platform that helps schools, clubs, youth groups and other organisations with a duty-of-care collect, share and automate online forms, medical records, as well as meet excursion management and risk management obligations. CareMonkey ensures medical records are kept up-to-date, enabling authorised carers to access the information they need in an emergency on any device – even when offline.
Every day, CareMonkey helps thousands of organisations around the world save time, money and reduce risk by going paperless. Never chase a paper form again with CareMonkey.
Delight parents, carers and staff by automating consent forms and approvals, medical records, excursion and emergency management, staff forms, payments, incident reporting as well as group management and messaging.
CareMonkey is available free for families, and organisations can start a free 30-day trial, here: https://www.caremonkey.com/sign-up/
For more on CareMonkey, visit www.caremonkey.com
For regular news and updates, follow CareMonkey on Twitter (@CareMonkey_App), LinkedIn (CareMonkey), YouTube (CareMonkey) and Facebook (@CareMonkeyApp).
Here is the link:
This looks very much like a myHR replacement that provides emergency and away from home access to you important medical information.
And the Government won’t use / exploit your data?
I also be if you want to download / delete your record you can. Indeed read their security policy….

Security Practices

Your Privacy and Data Security Matters
Your personal health, medical and emergency contact details are sensitive and private information, and we’ll keep it that way. CareMonkey is a secure site, designed with privacy and security as our highest priorities. We apply stringent processes to keep your data safe throughout design, development, testing and day to day operations.

Privacy Protection

  • CareMonkey will NEVER share or rent your data to anyone without your consent.
  • You control what information is shared, and can update that information and remove access at any time.
  • You can delete and or remove all of your data from your account at any time.
  • CareMonkey has a published Privacy Policy that defines what data is collected, and how it is used.

Account and Password Protection

  • CareMonkey is designed so that only you, and people/organisations you choose to share profiles with, can access your profiles.
  • Your account is always password (or fingerprint) protected, and we utilize strong password policy and non-reversible hashing for storage of the password.
  • You have the additional security option to enable Two-Step Verification, (also know as Two-Factor Authentication) which prevents anyone from accessing your account without possessing your physical device.
  • The security sub-layer is capable of detecting any anomaly within the system to proactively prevent malicious activities and alert our security staff.
  • CareMonkey will always notify you by email when your account has been accessed from a new device.
Etc. etc.
Read the full policy etc. here:
Looks way better than myHR and HealthEngine!
Have a look to see if it might meet your needs.


Anonymous said...

You mean someone has done IT better than the government, even with help from Accenture?

Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...


What’s the chances of a my health record version waiting to be launched on the back of all this government sponsor advertising?

Anonymous said...

@July 05 2018 8:00 PM. I think it would be safe to assume that it’s is highly likely. With the ADHA using an alternative portal to myGov it is likely many people will be caught up in any such undertaking as the optout portal unlike myGov will not be a familiar website, or familiar look and feel.

It is the pharmacies and GP practices that are probably more at risk

Anonymous said...

8:00 PM, HealthEngine beat them to it and set the ground rules for safe seamless and secret harvesting of patient information. The ADHA should rename their system myIDATM

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

"safe seamless and secret harvesting of patient information" I like it.

It's much more specific and meaningful than the vacuous "safe, seamless and secure" which doesn't refer to anything. Reminds me of hypnosis techniques.