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Sunday, November 18, 2018

AusHealthIT Poll Number 449 – Results – 17th November, 2018.

Here are the results of the poll.

Have You, Or Will You, Opt-Out Of The #myHealthRecord Before The End Of The Opt-out Period On Thursday?

Yes 93% (196)

No 4% (9)

I Have Not Decided 1% (3)

I Have No Idea 1% (2)

Total votes: 210

It seems that 90% or so of the well informed readers of this blog are outta here! That is a pretty large negative vote I would suggest.

Any insights on the poll welcome as a comment, as usual.

A really, really great turnout of votes!

It must have been a very easy question as only 2/210 readers were not sure what the appropriate answer was.

Again, many, many thanks to all those that voted!



Anonymous said...

To those undecided perhaps you could add this consideration I spotted in Twitter

Neil Bourne
Nov 14
Oh so we’re using the developer version of the site rather than production. Is this what you call testing in prod? #TestingInProduction #MyHealthRecord #Census2016

There would only be a few reasons to use a developer instance and none are good.

If it is this shabby in public facing aspects of the system, you can only wonder what nightmares are going on behind the scenes.

Where are you MSIA, this does not present Australian software practices in a good light.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord, the screen shot says it all.

Anonymous said...

What screenshot?

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

If you want to see it search for the user @njbit at Twitter.com in a browser and you will see it.


Anonymous said...

MSIA deliberately absent so MHR can continue shooting itself in the foot, if they get their hands dirty people will start realising that vendors are keen to fill the MHR space but there is little to no regulation about how they could.

On the poll, if you think there is only 1 appropriate answer, and you know which way the audience will vote, why bother? Surely you can think of a question that will actually uncover some issues or be good fodder for debate and discussion. Otherwise it's just groupthink

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Just so we are all clear - I and my mates would love help thinking up questions! It is often a battle to think them up!

Feel free to post as comment or via e-mail.


Anonymous said...

Good point re the poll, we all should definitely do more to help you out. Some possible ideas for things that might provoke a bit more discussion (though given the storied history of this site they may have already been covered);

Who should own patient data?
Is data ownership important, or just data access?
How should the government enforce interoperability?
Should the Federal Government take more action to align individual states eHealth efforts?
Should the Federal Government develop and enforce higher standards for EHRs used by the state public hospital systems?
What should be done to improve the state of health IT in GP clinics?