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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Few Thoughts On The Proposed Senate Inquiry

Having reflected on all this there are some points worth making.

First - after the ALP Release and Minister Hunt's response it is clear we now have moved from bi-partisanship to political contest.

Second it would be a more than considerable surprise if Labor does not form the next Federal Government - given the polls over the last 2.5 years.

Third if this occurs then the myHR will become Labor's problem and if it does not then the Coalition will face a contested environment on the future of the myHR.

In both circumstances we need to have the opt-out process paused while a full, all options on the table, Review is conducted . The artificial objective of finishing the inquiry before the opt-out period has not been properly thought through and the opt-out period should re-commence after the Inquiry has reported and been properly publicised.

Since this would almost certainly go very close to the next election (allowing for the silly season over Christmas) and the care-taker period, it would seem sensible to simply pause until the election outcome is known and whatever is required is begun by a new, re-elected Government.

We need a considered outcome to all this - not haste and error!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Those are sober points David. I might also add by reviewing the changes landscape we also might be able to address the new and emerging standards and solutions open to healthcare before we get trapped in a solution that is getting in not already past its ‘best before data.

Personally reverting to the current government HR systems would be as silly as say Ipswich hospitals reverting to only accepting faxes for priority referrals