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Quote Of The Year - Paul Shetler - "Its not Your Health Record it's a Government Record Of Your Health Information"

Thursday, August 02, 2018

The COAG Health Meeting Held Today Has Taken "Head In The Sand Outcomes" To A New Level.

Here is what they said - Meeting 2 August, 2018:

Digital health

Jurisdictions reaffirmed their support of a national opt out approach to the My Health Record. Jurisdictions noted clinical advice about the benefits of My Health Record and expressed their strong support for My Health Record to support patient’s health.

Ministers acknowledged some concerns in the community and noted actions proposed to provide community confidence, including strengthening privacy and security provisions of My Health Record.


What a pathetic ill-informed cop-out. They seem to think it has all been fixed, but the issue is really that the Ministers don't really understand the complexities and risks!



Anonymous said...

Why would they care, they have shown little interest to date. I am sure they are happy for the federal minister to take the heat. Nice diversion for the QLD rep, the corruption investergation at Qld Health Harding get a mention

Anonymous said...

May not be a case of they don’t care, it is probably more of a case that in the scheme of COAG this is little more than an annoying mayfly dressed as a mozzie. The National Energy Scam seemed to take much of the attention.

Anonymous said...

David, what is missing is a coalition of sorts, an aggregation of computer scientists, privacy, policy, law, security, clinical (of all flavours) and consumers and managers, there is a large group of concerned and wise citizens out there but their voices are singular. We have witnessed what can be done thus far, what could be achieved if they came together, co-authored the problem and a set of paths out of this. These collaboration platforms are simple to setup, I am sure there are many who could contribute, web skills, editorial and coordination.

This blog is a useful site but gets crowded and I do feel people’s passion

Another contribution is in the SMH.

Band-Aid solution not enough to fix My Health Record
By Bruce Baer Arnold
Updated2 August 2018 — 6:08amfirst published 1 August 2018 — 5:02pm

Dr Ian Colclough said...

@6:11 PM "collaboration platforms are simple to setup". Perhaps so, but managing such collaboration and keeping it focussed and on track is far from simple requiring considerable management skill and oversight.

Anonymous said...

That is very true Dr Colclough. Sadly a rising number of reputable voices from every quarter continue to be ignored and trumped by some sideshow press event where the ADHA rolls out 3 generations of a family that use MyHR as if that fixes everything.