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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Surely It Is Now The Opportunity To Fully Re-Consider The Path Forward With The myHR.

Small thought.

Now we see that flexibility is possible, how about we get a full competent strategic review of the myHR with review by the Auditor General, a proper review (evidence-based) of what is actually needed in a National EHR System (if anything), and a proper business case and privacy impact statement of any final design.

We have wasted $2 Billion doing this with evidence free dogma - time for a change! Isn't it funny to see all those organisations who said the myHR was wonderful as it, was welcoming change!


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Anonymous said...

The MHR has simply drifted to far from its original strategic intent. I cannot link it back to any clinical, business, consumer model or any model. Looking internationally other s experience would indicate that rather than delivery benefits to anyone, the evidence would suggest that centralised health records fail to met even basic expectations. The MHR seems to only work as a convenient distract away from what is important. That being the sharing or exchange of meds, path, diagnostics supporting clinical handovers then a consumer can have a virtual health record. This resembles everything we take for granted in the rest of over digital lives. It would cement existing investments by the justifications and private sector, still enable consumers to contribute to clinical trails and population health, decade tracking etc… get the government out of having to wear the risk of storing vast amounts of data. It would then let Government play the role of consumer protector, not compete with innovation and establish conformance and compliance programs against standards and policies.

Obviously the ADHA would need a complete overhaul and respected and knowledge persons put in place of the current dribble. A group that was not forcing everyone to be anonymous