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Sunday, August 19, 2018

It Looks Like The Public Are Pretty Un-Impressed With Way The ADHA Has Conducted Opt-Out!

This appeared less than 24 hours ago.

One in four Australians to opt out of My Health record, survey finds 

By Andrew Brown

19 August 2018 — 12:00am

More than a quarter of Australians will opt out of the federal government's controversial electronic health record system, a new survey has found.

A consumer study of more than 2000 Australians, conducted by finder.com.au, revealed 26 per cent of people surveyed plan to opt out of My Health Record before the November 15 deadline.

The survey also found even more people, 28 per cent, had not heard about My Health Record or what it means for them.

The findings come as the scheme was referred to a parliamentary inquiry earlier this week.

Federal Labor called for wider changes to the scheme in parliament on Tuesday, citing privacy and security concerns.

Every Australian with a Medicare card will automatically be enrolled in the scheme if they don't opt-out by the deadline, which was extended by one month after growing concerns from the medical community.

Lots more here here:


This just shows what rubbish all the guff about targeted advertising and effective communication is.

The public do not like having things just sprung on them and are really startled at how bad what is being proposed is once they get some understanding of what is being done and the immense and dangerous grab on private personal data that is being attempted.

A very interesting survey indeed.



Anonymous said...

As a previous commentator mentioned. This should have been a straight forward Policy implementation. Policy and its implementation is a well defined model and the Government provides excellent guidance. I will let other judge and these might be useful references to judge the ADHA.

Let start will the stakeholders

For a full set of guidance

For those struggling setting up a small Agency there are also excellent toolkits provided by the department of finance and the APSC.

They might also try - thinking about it and planning.

Bernard Robertson-Dunn said...

I would have thought those numbers are a bit skewed.

The 2000 surveyed are people who a) have a computer b) have access to the internet and c) are comfortable using a computer

Those who don't are also the most likely to a) know nothing about myhr and b) are least likely to be able to opt-out.

Lies, damned lies, statistics and myhr.

Anonymous said...

No more skewed than any other numbers put forth certainly not more than numbers provided to prop up the MyHR from Minister Stunt. In fact you could argue they are the least bias as the organisation who ran the survey probably has no real bias towards the outcome other than an interesting survey.

Anonymous said...

This is a useful set of observations of how poorly ADHA has prepared the public for safe, secure, superficial system.