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Friday, August 03, 2018

Now Here Is A Very Good Idea Which I Am Sure The ADHA Would Not Have The Guts To Do.

This appeared a few days ago…

A CIO's take on EHR optimization: Engaging clinicians via many methods is critical to understanding their needs

Penn Medicine’s Mike Restuccia explains why instituting an end user survey is such an important, and eye-opening, step to take.
July 25, 2018 10:02 AM
We’ve officially entered into the “dog-days” of summer here in the mid-Atlantic states. When I think back to the biting cold wintertime in January it seemed that summer would never appear, yet it has arrived in full force. I use this metaphor because it closely resembles the electronic health record (EHR) optimization challenges that many of us face. 
After years of toiling, building and deploying, users are asking for more out of their EHR; and rightfully so! Industry statistics indicate that users in all industries tend to use between 50 percent and 60 percent of the functionality provided in their core application suite. 
Given this stat, providing on-going education and system personalization to the staff becomes a natural next step and an excellent opportunity to empower users with more system proficiency. When clinicians are live on the EHR for several months after implementation they gain a better idea of how the system flows and are more familiar with specifically what needs to be adjusted. 
In addition to building upon user education, we have also taken the step to administer the KLAS organization’s Arch Collaborative Survey, which measures a user’s overall satisfaction with the EHR. This is not a survey that is for the faint of heart as the results — and most particularly the comments — can really get your attention. 
Lots more here:
Can you imagine a survey of a statistically meaningful sample of GPs and Specialists and patients regarding the level of satisfaction with and  what they like, dislike, want, have concerns about and so on with the myHR.
Actually asking some balanced, reasonable and evidence-based questions would create a platform to maybe build some trust etc. If taken notice of, it would also dramatically change what the myHR is today I believe.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

That is a bold and valuable undertaking. Provides a sense of leadership. The ADHA does not need to take an approach like this. They are just playing for time. A extra month suits them well. They will be banking on all this noise fading away in the next week or so.

Dr David G More MB PhD said...

Given we are into week 4 that would seem pretty unlikely!


Anonymous said...

Another useful approach to patient journey was the 10,000 Voices in Northern Ireland. Part of that was to create a different way of interacting between patients, carers and professionals that is not depending on spacial or temporary proximity to trusted advisors. Health is a complex domain, in a complex domain you need a broad representation of experience and expertise.You need to have several perspectives and hopefully maintain an approach which keeps options open for as long as possible.

The MyHR shuts down the flexibility of options and now crippled the Federal Government. I do not doubt the ADHA is rich with expertise and experience, what is evident is that their is either an imbalance or simple the wrong type of experience and expertise.

So I agree with your sentiments David, and perhaps expand, it is not just the gut, but the spine, brains and every other vital organ the ADHA might be lacking.

If HIC exposed anything it was the annoyance and disappointment of the ADHA chair and the empty well the ADHA CEOhas to draw knowledge from.

I also agree with the first commenters sentiment, they are playing for time. Once every is in, the legislative changes will be water down and dragged out and we will be informed that the deletion of records is not possible.

Great article David thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Given we are into week 4 that would seem pretty unlikely!

I tend to agree David, the petitions on change.org indicate a common consensus in the community. One is near 50,000 and the messaging is pretty clear.